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Dude! Amsterdam misses you, and so do we!

Amsterdam has so much to see, WHERE TO START? We’ve curated a truly special, fun and surprising city guide called The Via Bucket List. It’s a full on Amsterdam experience you definitely want to use for your travel plans.

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Everything was more than perfect. The receptionist was very friendly, explained everything in detail and even guided us to our room. It was a relaxing and quiet stay at Via. The interior of the rooms are in a beautiful red and black color combination and the bed was so comfy that we didn't even want to get up in the morning. Needless to say, the room service cleaned our room very quickly and thoroughly.

Great atmosphere. Friendly, really helpful staff. Well located for trains into central Amsterdam. Clean. Good value. Had everything we needed.

A great place to stay with a nice restaurant that you can hang out during the night!